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My name is Nicolaas Klotz.I have recently written a fiction book.The process of creating something like this is very for filling.It will start with an idea and then grow from there.Some writers will have a good idea from beginning to finish.

I must admit my process doesn't happen like that.The book I write will progress step by step as I go along with the idea.Time is also a huge factor in creating a piece of work.A few hours will easily turn into days ,weeks and even months.

The next and final piece of the puzzle would be to edit the work.The story line and all aspects of the grammar should be correct.

Then only will most writers be confident and satisfied to share their work with the world.If you are interested in reading my new exciting thriller enter your email below.

By entering your details in the contact form I will personally send the complete book for free.If you don't want to take part in that route.The book is available on Amazon for $ 0.99

The Creative Process

The Creative Process
My actual book before typing and editing.The picture is small but it was the first hand written page of more than 50 pages that followed.

Wednesday 14 September 2016

If you like reading e-books enter  your details in the contact form to get a copy of my latest fiction thriller book in pdf form. Don't hesitate it is free!

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